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Welcome to ASPInfo homepage!

NOTE this project has been moved to GitHub, head to to keep up with it.

This is the project's Wiki-based home page. At the moment this is just a skeleton of what it is supposed to be.

ASPInfo is a web-based tool that allow you to monitor the System Vitals of servers and machines. It is released under GPL and you are free to download the source code and modified, though I will prefer to create a true community around this product and coordinate all development effort throught this site.
You may send suggestion or critics via the Codeplex's integrated discussion
system or to the address


Please note: you can stay up-to-date with ASPinfo latest news reading software feed at

The first new is that I have been accepted in CodePlex site!
At the moment CodePlex is not open to all project, ASPInfo has been selected and accepted, and allow me to be proud of this.


ASPInfo is fully based on .NET technology, in details on:
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Visual Basic Express .NET 2005
  • Visual Web Developer Express 2005
  • Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Performance Counters


A few items to be developed in the near future:
  • News
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Project information (the text from your project description, for example)
  • Project documentation
  • Development methodologies
  • Release process
  • Current issues

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